Related FAQs

Is there public transportation?
The nearest train station is Metro Park in Iselin and is a 13 minute ride by car or Uber.
Will there be food and beverages available at the Expo?
Yes, there will be a traditional concession stand that is provided by the Convention Center for our guests to purchase and enjoy. There will be vegetarian and vegan options available.
Can I plan on making this a weekend trip?
Yes, you can book your weekend getaway with friends or family and enjoy a special discounted rate directly through our website link at the Hilton Garden Inn which is 1.8 miles from the Convention Center. Book and reserve your room early.
Do I need to vacate the speaker room after each workshop or lecture?
Yes, we do require that all guests attending workshops vacate the room after every speaker to allow other guests waiting in the hallway the opportunity to attend the next presentation.
Do I have to purchase a General Admission ticket if I’m only planning on attending a ticketed workshop?
Yes, a General Admission ticket is required to enter the Expo.
Why do some workshops have an additional cost?
There are typically anywhere from 3-5 events that may have an additional ticket cost due to their nature and exclusivity.